We all live in Denmark, where our friendship developed through the commitment to a lifelong project with the aim of creating a sustainable life on all levels.

Years later our friendship took a new turn as we combined our professional endeavors to form the Omni Coaching Practice we call 7 Fridays – To use our strengths, experiences, educations and passions to help others.

Together, we form a strong team:

  • Sandra | Personal Trainer
    10+ years of experience as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Kickboxer, Nutrition Coach and much more;
  • Kristian | Life Coach
    10+ years of experience with Entrepreneurship, Art Based Research, Empowerment, Change Processes and much more;
  • Romio | Theta Therapy
    5+ Years of experience with care taking, healing- and therapy certifications, and his gift of spiritual connection.

We offer all courses in Danish and English

At the moment we offer three types of courses:

  • Individual Courses from home, where sessions take place by phone / skype etc.
  • One-to-one courses, where sessions take place in one of our clinics in Denmark (Aarhus or Ebeltoft).
  • Camps & Retreats, which take place anywhere in the world – we come to you.

We KNOW you have what it takes

7Fridays Events
OCT 16-18th
Weekend-Retreat | Krop, Sind & Ånd

MÆRK DIN INDRE ILD BLIVE TÆNDT Målet med retreatet er at tænde din gnist, og i lyset af dit unikke livsformål skabe retning for et liv med passion. Vi har tilrettelagt en rejse, hvor du vil opleve dig selv vokse FYSISK, MENTALT og ÅNDELIGT.

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Weekend-Retreat | Krop, Sind & Ånd

JULY 22-24th
Retreat: Balance - Body, Mind & Spirit

3 dages fordybelse med tre instruktører.

Vi guider dig gennem 3 dages retreat, hvor dit eneste fokus er at lære dig selv bedre at kende og understøtte balancen i dit liv - fysisk, mentalt og spirituelt. Vores mål er, at du oplever dig selv bevæge dig mod dine personlige drømme og mål med styrke, klarhed og ro.